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Next week’s local paper

Next week’s issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald could be called “meet the people in your community!” Check it out to read about:

  • Longtime Scott SK resident, Barbara Risling, now living at Poplar Courts, 103 years old;
  • Courtney Bachman’s adventures in Ghana, Africa; and
  • Faith Matters columnist Sister Valentia Leibel, now author of Heart of God – Living in the Spirit of Love.

spring?You’ll also find stories about, for example, the weather, high school badminton and the Zaretzki family legacy, along with the RCMP Report. You’ll see photos accompanying most of those stories, as well as some quilt photos. And check out the ads to learn about some upcoming events.

(And speaking of the weather, these geese may be having an argument, after finding spring in these parts is not as advanced as they expected it to be. “I told you it was too early to fly back,” she says, while he adopts his selective hearing pose.)

RCMP Report – April 1 to 7, 2014


Police were called to the Wilkie arena on two separate occasions to keep the peace during a hockey game. There were no issues at either game while police were present.

RCMP initiated a traffic stop on a speeding ATV and issued two traffic tickets and a 30-day driving suspension.

Police arrested and charged a 14-year-old intoxicated youth with uttering threats and mischief after being called about an altercation at the Wilkie arena. The same youth was also charged with attempted break and enter after throwing a rock and breaking a window of the Wilkie Liquor Store. The youth was remanded in custody for these offences as he was on conditions to keep the peace, maintain a curfew, and to abstain from alcohol. The youth was to appear in provincial court in North Battleford April 7, before the provincial court judge.

Members warned a youth and his parents after noting the youth was driving an ATV without a helmet.

Police arrested and charged a 33-year-old Wilkie man with assault after police responded to a complaint of a tenant being assaulted by another tenant at a local apartment building. Maurice Potratz was remanded in custody as he was on a conditional sentence order at the time of the alleged offence.

Volunteers in Wilkie recognized

“A town can’t function without volunteers.” says Heartland Health volunteer co-ordinator Celeste Bridgeman .

About 40 Wilkie and area residents were entertained, fed and given door prizes at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea in the New Horizons Hall in Wilkie, SK, April 14. The afternoon, was sponsored by Heartland Health Region.

National Volunteer Week ran the week before, April 6 to 12.

Bridgeman shared some facts from Statistics Canada.

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of volunteerism in Canada – 58 per cent of the population did volunteer work in 2012.

In all of Canada, over 13.3 million individuals volunteer, 47 per cent of people. StatCan’s press release stated “a relatively small percentage — 10 per cent — accounted for 53 per cent of all hours given to non-profit and charitable organizations.

“These ‘10 per centers’ logged a minimum of 390 volunteer hours each on an annual basis, the equivalent of 10 weeks in a full-time job.

“There’s no explanation about why Saskatchewan has the highest volunteer rate, although the study notes that rates of volunteering are consistently higher in rural regions.”

Bridgeman said volunteers in any capacity are always appreciated, but right now she is especially short of volunteer drivers. Anyone willing to donate time to drive the handi-van, deliver Meals on Wheels or take residents to out-of-town appointments can contact Bridgeman at 306-228-8887.

wilkie skAl Gil of Wilkie and Leon Ochs of Landis donated their time and talents to the afternoon, playing guitars and singing.

Hazel Lorenz, a member of the board of directors for Heartland Health Region, helped Bridgeman hand out the large number of door prizes, many donated by businesses in Wilkie and Unity and some by individuals. There were enough door prizes for everyone to win at least one.

We all know good deeds like random acts of kindness and volunteering in a non-profit organization “make you feel good.” Medical research backs that up. Not only do volunteers have better mental health, an article on the Harvard Medical School blog references a study which found volunteers generally have lower blood pressure and longer lifespans.

The Wilkie volunteers all left the event with smiles on their faces. Having a special moment to visit with friends and enjoy refreshments and entertainment, and receiving a small gift, was the icing on the cake for these residents who take the time to help others in the community.

Reader poll in next week’s paper

You will find something new in next week’s paper – a reader poll on which block in town you think is most in need of some TLC from Public Works. You can submit your own selection by clicking here or on Poll at the top of the page.

Along with information on the “worst street in town” poll – results to be published in the May 12 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald – in next week’s issue, you will find coverage of:

  • Singing "Honey Bun"
  • This Wilkie student gives her musical theatre performance of “Honey Bun” her all at the Unity Music Festival.

    Wilkie’s volunteer appreciation tea;

  • awards won by one of our reporters;
  • the showcase performances at the Unity Music Festival;
  • and a recap of the Outlaws’ last three games against St. Walburg.

Photos accompany all those stories. We also have other odds and ends, along with regular features such as the RCMP Report, Faith Matters and a letter to the editor. All Things Financial reminds you that CRA will not contact you by phone or email; do not give out any personal information to anyone calling or emailing you “out of the blue” and claiming to be from CRA!

And finally, HAPPY EASTER to all our subscribers, readers and online visitors!


Ravens wrecking your grain bags? Now you can shoot them …

Earlier this month, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment amended The Wildlife Regulations, 1981 to allow landowners the ability to protect their property from ravens without requiring a permit.

Ravens have re-colonized agricultural Saskatchewan in recent years and populations are increasing. Cattle and grain producers have voiced concerns that ravens have been killing or injuring newborn livestock and damaging grain bags.

“Presently, landowners must obtain a permit from the ministry office to protect their property from ravens,” Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said. “These amendments will remove the permitting requirement and add ravens to the list of species that may be killed by a landowner, occupant or designate in order to protect their property or livestock.”

“We support the actions the ministry is undertaking to assist landowners in managing problem ravens on their property,” Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities President David Marit said.

“The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) supports these amendments,” SWF Executive Director Darrell Crabbe said.  “We recognize that effective wildlife management requires science-based, active management on both game and predator species to provide additional licensed opportunities for hunters to harvest animals whose numbers are creating serious wildlife and livestock issues.”

RCMP Report – March 25 to 31, 2014


Police assisted an individual with a concern about a new business in Wilkie. The concern was unfounded as there is no such business in the community or surrounding area.

There was a complaint of a person ringing a residence doorbell and walking away. Members patrolled but could not locate the individual.

There was one false alarm at a residence.

Persons with information about crimes being committed in the Unity / Wilkie/ Macklin areas are urged to call the Unity RCMP detachment at 306-228-6300; the Wilkie RCMP at 306-843-3480; or the Macklin RCMP at 306-753-2171. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also call Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or *8477 on the SaskTel Mobility Network. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information which leads to the arrest of person(s) responsible for any serious crime. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display, nor are your calls traced or recorded.

You can also submit a tip online at

Next week’s Press-Herald

Lots of varied information in next week’s combined Unity-Wilkie paper, including reports on the following:

  • Wilkie SK resident winning a Lifesaving Society award;
  • special KeepSafe class taught to girls and moms;
  • report on Special Olympics conference and awards
  • the Red Cross Day of Pink, which was April 9; and
  • results from the Wilkie-hosted karate tournament.

Along with the reading are plenty of photos this week too – along with photos accompanying the stories are pictures from the Wilkie School of Dance recital held at McLurg High School April 6.

Wilkie School of Dance

Sask government launches new victim services program

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice is providing $267,000 in new annual funding to establish a Police-based Victim Services Program in central Saskatchewan.

Sask Central Victim Services Inc. will provide support and information to victims of crime and traumatic events throughout their involvement with the criminal justice process.  The program is part of a province-wide expansion that will make victim services available to residents in all Saskatchewan police jurisdictions.

“This is one of the larger building blocks that make up the ongoing expansion of Victim Services in Saskatchewan”  Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said.  “It will ensure that victims of crime in this region have access to the necessary supports and services that were previously not available to them.”

The funding will be provided through the Ministry of Justice’s victims services branch and will be used to deliver services in 15 police jurisdictions in central Saskatchewan.  A board of directors has been established and will soon be recruiting four full-time program staff.  The program will also benefit from the contributions of trained volunteer victim support workers that will be set up throughout the region.

Police-based Victim Services Programs work closely with police and provide information, support, and referrals to victims of crime and traumatic events.  Services are largely delivered by nearly 300 volunteers around the province.

Next week’s paper

You will see a LOT of hockey in Monday’s Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald. With our Wilkie, SK Outlaws winning the senior men’s provincial C title to three Unity minor hockey teams making it all the way to provincial finals, they all deserved their spot in the paper!

If you’re not a hockey fan, never fear – it’s not all hockey! You will also be able to read about:

  • further results of McLurg science fair participants — two are moving on to the Canada-wide science fair in Ontario;;
  • the upcoming Unity Music Festival, which will feature students from Wilkie and Cut Knife as well as from Unity; and
  • regular features like the RCMP Report, our editorial page and Faith Matters,

The Wilkie Outlaws line up to receive their individual provincial championship plaques.

Wilkie SK Outlaws, 2014 Provincial Champions