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Tomorrow’s paper

It has been a busy March for Wilkie and the surrounding communities and the March 24th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald reflects that. Check it out for lots of photos and stories, including:

  • a Hockeyville update and quotes from the rally at the Saskcan Community Centre last Saturday night;
  • information from the annual Delta Co-op meeting, this year held in Unity;
  • photos and bios of the adjudicators for the upcoming Unity Music Festival; and
  • one McLurg student wins provincial gold in wrestling and another is a provincial hockey champion!
A screen was set up on the ice at the Saskcan Community Centre in Wilkie SK to show Hockey NIght in Canada March 18. Anticipation was high when the top two finalists for the title of Kraft Hockeyville 2017 were announced, but it was not to be.  As remarked upon by many in attendance though, with Ituna representing the Western region, “still Saskatchewan.” The final announcement will be made April 1.
Wilkie SK waits for Kraft Hockeyville announcement



Wilkie Outlaws play at home

The Wilkie Outlaws were happy to be playing to a hometown crowd again, at home, in the arena in the Saskcan Community Centre in Wilkie, Saskatchewan. This was their first game in Wilkie since the provincial playoffs in the spring of 2015. The lobby was still off limits due to continuing construction but that didn’t stop fans from attending and cheering on the hometown team.

(The next home game is Friday, January 6, when the Biggar Nationals come to town. Game time is 8:30 pm.)

Below, shots from second period action in the game against the Kindersley Red Lions, which the Outlaws won 9-0. Jared Herle had the shutout for the home team.

Wilkie senior men's hockey, the Outlaws outlaws-10 outlaws-12-waits-for-pass outlaws-17-shoots outlaws-faceoff outlaws-faceoff-2 outlaws-off-the-boards outlaws-on-the-attack

Next week’s paper

Look for lots of details on the Saskcan Community Centre fire in the October 19th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald, along with additional photos from the scene. There is also information on where various events will be held as  a result of the fire.

In next week’s community newspaper, you will also find:

  • a story on how Wilkie Minor Hockey teams will proceed now, in light of the closed arena;
  • which two athletes from McLurg were heading to cross-country provincials;
  • information on what parents should do during a school lockdown, in recognition of National School Safety Week; and
  • the latest RCMP report, a story on singing group The Travelling Mabels and the latest Saskatchewan Crop Report.

Below – a Wilkie SK firefighter sets down a framed photo he retrieved from the arena lobby at the Saskcan Community Centre during firefighting efforts Oct. 9. 2015.

Wilkie arena fire

Wilkie’s Saskcan Community Centre on fire October 9

The heart of Wilkie, Saskatchewan – its hockey rink, curling rink and community hall – caught fire yesterday afternoon, October 9, 2015. The building is still standing but the full extent of the damage and how long it will take for repairs and any rebuilding is as yet unknown. It is virtually certain there will be no Outlaws skating in their home rink nor any little ones learning to skate or playing their first hockey games in Wilkie for at least a couple of months, if not longer.

Mixed with sadness at the loss is relief and gratitude that no one was injured, even though there were people working in the building, as well as a federal election 2015 advance poll in progress in the hall.

Town administration will post information on the Town of Wilkie Facebook page as they themselves learn more. This weekend’s advance polls have been moved to the town office.

Below are some photos of the scene yesterday afternoon. Additional photos will be in the local community newspaper, the Press-Herald October 19, hopefully along with more information on the extent of damages and the outlook for this winter’s skating and curling seasons.

fire and rescue truckrescue truck and hallpoilce presence

saskpower checking

group and rescue truckeast end smokebroken door glass3 firefighters and arena door2 firefigthers exit hallarena smokeFire at Wilkie Community Centrerescue truck and firefighters4 firefighters and hall doorfrom the southwest

Improvements at the pool

The swimming pool in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, is in the process of being upgraded with new bathroom stalls and a wheelchair-accessible washroom. The moneys for this project came from the Communities Initiatives Fund and the places and spaces grant. The town received $5,800 to install the ten new plastic change and bathroom stalls.

Wilkie Public Works is also installing new flooring in the shower rooms, which will be much easier for upkeep and the non-slip surface will keep the swimmers safe.

new non-slip flooring

Fence and other improvements to regional park

The main diamond at the Wilkie Regional Park is receiving some much needed upgrading. The old fence and bleachers have been removed, the area around the diamond has been upgraded and now the new fencing is being installed.

The monies for the new fencing has come from the Community Initiatives Fund – Community Places and Space Program and from the annual grant for all regional parks from the Saskatchewan Regional Parks.

Also the industrial arts class at McLurg High School will be busy this winter, building two new sets of bleachers for baseball fans of all ages.

There have been a number of upgrades at the regional park in Wilkie, which is making it a popular spot for visitors and others to enjoy.

The Wilkie Regional Park board is made up of a number of municipality representatives along with members at large.

Wilkie Regional Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

Fishing regulations changed by Sask Environment

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment has made changes for 2014 and onward to support fish conservation programs, client service and to ensure sustainability of the resource.

lakesun“To ensure that fishing remains a popular and accessible activity in Saskatchewan, we need to plan for the future,” Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said.  “These changes to our regulations will help protect our fish populations and offer anglers a wider range of angling experiences.”

A new one-day angling licence has been introduced as a convenience to occasional anglers in the southern and central zones.  Automatic licence suspensions of one to five years for serious offences will be implemented in 2014 and fines for these offences will increase.

In 2015, Saskatchewan will offer an additional free fishing weekend during the winter to encourage participation in ice fishing.  Free fishing weekends will take place on July 12 and 13, 2014, and on February 14 to 16, 2015.

To guard against the potential disease risk to fish populations, only leeches and crayfish originating within Saskatchewan may be used as live bait.  Non-resident anglers must now provide proof to an officer, upon request, that their live bait was purchased in Saskatchewan.

A standard condition for competitive fishing event authorizations is that only fish listed in the regulations or on the licence are eligible to be kept and weighed in.  This amendment clarifies that all fish species not authorized by the regulations or licence must be released immediately.  In addition, an amendment to the definition of a tournament clarifies that fish caught must be released alive, to ensure that tournaments do not operate as derbies (catch and kill events).

Nobody other than a First Nation or Métis person, or a member of their immediate family, may assist, aid, fish with, or possess fish taken by an individual fishing for food pursuant to their Aboriginal or Treaty rights.  This amendment is intended to support recognition and respect for Treaty and Aboriginal rights to fish, and prevent non-Aboriginals from taking or possessing more than their legal limit of fish.

More information about angling regulations can be found in the Saskatchewan Anglers’ Guide, available online at

Farmers Days at Wilkie

According to Jordan Schechtel, director of parks and recreation for the Town of Wilkie, “Although numbers for many of the (Farmers Days) events were down this year, all those that did come out had a good time.”

Residents and visitors were able to take part in their choice of a wide variety of events over the four-day period, Feb. 6 to 9.

snowmobile rally

The Kaiser tournament Feb. 6 had 20 people testing their luck and skill with the cards. The spurling bonspiel, held Friday and Saturday, had a nice mix of ages with 11 youth teams and eight adult teams. Seven teams took part in the volleyball tournament.

All ages came out to the family dance Friday night, to enjoy the music provided by the Keller Family Band. Many children had a great time running around and burning off some energy after having been stuck indoors during the cold weather.

The biggest event of the weekend was Saturday’s pancake breakfast where the Citizen of the Year – George Benson – and the Junior Citizens of the Year were recognized. See for details.

The children’s outdoor activities at the regional park Saturday had to be postponed due to the cold, but the Elks’ snowmobile rally went ahead. At 30 riders, participant numbers were much lower than last year. Organizers believed the low numbers were likely due to the “rough” snow conditions.

Clarke Jackson, Wilkie ElksSaturday concluded with a chili supper, followed by a cabaret at the hall and a senior Outlaws game in the arena. Clarke Jackson, cooked chili for 150. He has been the go-to guy for the Wilkie Elks’ annual supper at Farmers Days for years.

The Knights of Columbus hosted a pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

Schechtel concluded by thanking all those who helped with Farmers Days, saying “It would not be possible to put on such events without the support of all the volunteers.”